Botox or Dysport? Dysport Or Xeomin? Xeomin or Jeaveau?

botox delaware

Did you know that we now have four treatment options available that are similar to Botox?  The choices you have are Botox, Dysport, Xeomin and the newest option, Jeaveau.  What should you know about your treatment options?  What is the best treatment option for you?

First, you should get a detailed consultation to review your concerns and make sure that treatment is a good option for you and learn about other treatment options if applicable that might be better (or no treatment at all).  This is very important step and why our medical spa does not encourage “Botox parties”.  How can you possibly review health history, allergies, facial anatomy and asymmetries, and ultimate goals in a social setting with other people while often drinking alcohol?  You can’t.

During your consult, you should be informed of information surrounding the medication options.  Did you know that Dysport has been proven to be more potent than Botox?  Does that scare you or make you smile?  Potency affects how long treatment can last and 99% of our clients want it to last longer.    Potency is a plus!  We know that the active moles in Botox and Jeaveau are 0.18, Xeomin as 0.08 and Dysport is 0.27.  That’s a huge difference.  That makes all the difference in some cases.  Remember, right person, right medication, right time, right injection sites, right dosage.  That is a formula of success.

Our med spa uses Botox and Dysport and we don’t believe there is any reason to add more options like Xeomin or Jeaveau. We are hoping for other options that are even more potent.   The right treatment usually lasts about 4 months and there is no downtime with Botox treatments.  Our clients can come on their lunch break and go back to work.

If you are looking for Botox near you, call us today to learn more about our Delaware med spa and our dedication to giving you the best experience possible.  In addition to Botox, we offer microdermabrasions and this time of year is very popular for IPL and chemical peels.  Check out these results and our five star med spa reviews and recommendations.  We are proud to be the number one recommended med spa in Delaware!

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