OcuMend Healing Pads




IMPORTANT ORDERING INFORMATION:  For injections, you will need 4-5 pads and facial surgery 8-10 pads.  These pads are applied every 6 hours and you will need enough to cover the surface area(s) as well as reapplying them.  We highly recommend that you get the recommended amount of Ocumend Healing Pads so that you can appropriately reduce swelling and bruising

Revolutionizing the Way People Recover. Significantly reduces bruising and swelling after injectables like filler and Botox as well as face or neck surgery. These Ocumend Healing Pads are tried and true and our staff and patients love them. You can even prevent bruising with their use immediately after treatments like injections. 

Cearna Aesthetics is committed to revolutionizing the way people recover from injections and laser therapies by bringing cutting edge medical products to the marketplace. OcuMend Healing Pads speeds the recovery of bruising, pain and swelling caused from facial aesthetics procedures such as fillers, surgery and laser therapies.

OcuMend’s clinically proven, ultra-penetrating nanotechnology embeds the highest potency arnica and ledum available in a hydrogel pad, providing unmatched efficacy. Ocumend is the highest level of post-treatment care you can use to prevent and treat bruising and swelling. The OcuMend Healing Pads are worn for 6 hours after treatment and/or at night time. You will find the OcuMend healing pads to feel soothing and comfortable to wear.

We highly recommend that you start using the OcuMend pads right away immediately after filler, Botox, Sculptra or other injectable treatments that might cause a bruise. Prepare for your treatment by ordering OcuMend pads in advance and take with you to your filler, Sculptra or Botox appointment. Our patients report that if they use them immediately bruising often does not occur. Any site that appears like it might bruise, apply the Ocumend Healing Pads on immediately.

  • 88.9% recovered faster than average
  • 51.9% recovered an average of 7 days faster

OcuMend Healing Pads are sold per sheet. The Ocumend sheet contains two pads which are approximately 1.5″ x 2″ and is crescent shaped. This is the only design but it can be cut and used for smaller areas of bruising and healing.

OcuMend Healing Pads have high reviews from our clients and they are thrilled to heal faster with less bruising.[/vc_column_text]


For fillers and other injectables, you will need 4-5 pad sets. This will provide 2-4 applications of 6 hours, depending on total surface area you need to cover.

For post-surgical healing for face lifts, neck lifts and eye lifts (blepharoplasty), you will need 8-10 sets of pads so that you can apply to the larger surface areas of healing and you can apply them more than one time. These pads can be stored and used for future injections or surgery so there will be no waste. Do not hesitate to get the correct amount of pads. We highly endorse their effectiveness and our patients “swear by them”.

Ocumend Healing Pads Ordering