When You Should Not Have Botox

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Botox is a glorious treatment that our clients absolutely love.  Botox is safe and effective for treatment of wrinkles and lines.  Botox is a super easy treatment and can be done on your lunch break without any downtime.  There are, however, some instances that you should not have a Botox treatment.  These Botox tips are very important and if you follow them, you can have Botox results that last longer and are more effective.

  1. Botox should not be done sooner than three months (other than microBotox like the lip flip area, for instance).   Why should you not have Botox sooner than three months?  Because Botox works on a specific target in your nerves.  These targets are called receptors and these receptors are used to send a signal to the muscle to contract creating the wrinkle in the skin.  When you get Botox, it works on those receptors you can’t send the signal to the muscle (think of it like a hair cut to the nerve).  However, these receptors “grow” back and then you start to move again.  If you barely move, you should not get retreatment.  If you get Botox too soon, you don’t have enough receptors to captivate and that makes the treatment less effective or not effective.  In addition, getting treatment too soon with Botox can directly effect how long the treatment will last.  I’ve had many people who say their Botox does not last with other providers and when you make them wait and get the right dosage, the probability of them lasting longer is much better.
  2. You should not get Botox if you expect all the wrinkles in the skin to go away.  Botox is a great option to smooth skin and improve wrinkles.  But Botox does not work on skin.  Therefore, you can still have wrinkles remain after treatment.  Botox helps but may not eliminate your main concerns.
  3. Don’t get Botox in the forehead if you have very heavy eyebrows or lots of excess eyelid skin.  The forehead muscle lifts the brows and helps the eyelids look better and more open.  If you have heavy eyelids in the natural, you should be cautious about treatment to the forehead lines.

In addition to Botox, we also use Dysport at our Delaware med spa.  The key to Botox success is to treat the right person, at the right time with the right dosage.  Our med spa near you also offers dermal fillers like Restylane, Juvederm and Versa as well as microneedling, microdermabrasion and chemical peels like the ViPeel.  Check out our five star reviews and recommendations as well as our gallery of results that are ours.  Schedule a consultation to review Botox options and learn more about how it can be tailored to fit your specific concerns.

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