This WOULD Have Been Her Future

medical spa delaware skin

Guess what didn’t happen to Shae’s face?  Sagging.  Sun damage.  Wrinkles.  Etched Lines.  Bags under her eyes.  Cancerous lesions.  RBF.  Jowls.  Hooding of her eyelids.  Small deflated lips.

BECAUSE….she decided to take care of her skin, enhance her facial volume as needed and get her Botox and Dysport.  End of story.

You’re welcome, Shae!

It’s called maintenance and it’s no big deal and people LOVE the results because maintenance doesn’t change how they look.  It prevents them from all of the above concerns.  It keeps them on a goal of anti-aging success.  The good news is also that if you have the issues and did not participate in maintenance non-surgery tune-ups, you still can reverse the signs of aging and enjoy a refreshed and restored you.  So, there’s two ways you can approach all of this.  If you have it, we can treat it.  If you want to avoid it, we can do that too.   We have solutions.  End of story.

Our goal at Charmed Medispa is to meet (exceed) your goal.  We aim to educate first, treat second and monitor along the way so that you have a coach right here guiding you on what is best.  We offer exclusive services like Exilis Ultra (the way it should be done), dermal fillers (the way they should be done), Botox and Dysport (the way….you get it now), lasers, microneedling, Pixel, resurfacing, chemical peels, medical grade skin care, microdermabrasions, Sculptra and more.  Come check out what your possibilities at Charmed Medispa located in Delaware.

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