Take Some Skin Action

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Is your skin bored?  Do you ever think your skin and facial features are rapidly changing for the worse?  Like one year you were “good” and the next year your face is “melting”.    We hear about these fast paced changes and have some encouragement for an action plan  that will make some positive changes to your face and skin.

  1. Skin requires a good workout! Skin wants to be stimulated and renewed.  Skin will look its best when it gets the right balance of stimulation, oil control, moisture and protection.  Otherwise, it gets very bored and dead cell build up occurs, etched lines develop and the skin will sag.
  2. Stay on top of it.  It is easier to stay healthy than go from unhealthy back to healthy and sometimes back to unhealthy again.  We are not sure why people take good care of their skin in the fall and winter and then get UV radiation by the ton in the summer.  Good skin is a lifestyle.  One you will not regret.
  3. Massaging products are the new rage.  No more pat, pat, pat ever so delicately.  You can get increased blood flow and cellular excitement with a good one minute massage of the face twice a day.  We love Daily Power Defense from ZO Skin Health as the perfect anti-aging massage product.  Daily Power Defense is packed with a power DNA repair formula.  It is a top seller!
  4. Less moisturizers and more cellular stimulation is a must for skin care.  People are obsessed with moisturizers and the overuse can actually cause more accelerated aging.  The skin loves to have a good workout!  Many of our products at Charmed Medispa are laced with Retin-A even the moisturizers!

Fine lines, deeper lines and folds and lackluster skin are no match for our skin strategies.  Charmed Medispa in Delaware will customize a program that works magically on aging, rosecea, oily skin, sun damaged and bored skin.  Our providers will give you a beautiful skin workout that will induce the changes you are hoping for.  Charmed Medispa also provides Botox, Dysport, Sculptra Aesthetics, Exilis Ultra, laser resurfacing, Intense Pulsed Light, Ocumend Healing Pads, facials and microdermabrasions and more.  Our medical spa offers consultations to get you started on your skin action plan.

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