I Woke Up With A Waddle

neck sagging laxity exilis ultra

One day you don’t have it and the next day, it seems like it magically appears.  Welcome to The Waddle Years.  That flap of skin that hangs every so annoyingly from the chin.  The flap that you are very aware of and  because of it, you raise your chin for pictures.  Your mom had it.  Now you do to.  Sigh.

Join hands and let us help you conquer and defeat The Waddle.  We have a few strategies.  The best and most common is using Exilis Ultra which is a radiofrequency with ultrasound treatment.  The heat from this treatment will stimulate the collagen to recoil it and snap it back into place.  Exilis Ultra is an advanced technology and has no downtime and feels amazing when being done.  You will feel like a hot stone massage and pampered.

How many treatments with Exilis Ultra?  Well, that depends.  It depends on how loose you are and how dedicated you are not to tanning.  Tanning, by the way, is radiation.  Radiation doesn’t sound so good.  You might have a love affair with tanning BUT you will not have tight skin if you do.  Look at the chronic tanners.  Their necks get very weathered, loose, wrinkled and speckled.  If you have very loose skin, we do not recommend Exilis Ultra.  It’s very hard to snap up very loose skin with a no downtime technology.  Exilis Ultra is awesome for the mild and moderately loose waddle (the neck sag).  Another key suggestion, is not to wait until you need tightening.  Have Exilis Ultra done to prevent the loose skin and avoid The Waddle Years.

Another helpful hint is to massage Nectifirm in twice a day.  This glorious product is designed just for the neck laxity and it works!  Our clients love Nectifirm!  Check out our online store to purchase.  You can also use RetinA on your neck twice a week for the ultra product stimulation and rejuvenation.  Don’t forget to use sunblock too.

The Waddle Years can be tough.  Let us conquer your neck laxity.  Charmed Medispa located in Newark, Delaware, offers Botox, Dysport, Sculptra, microneedling, laser resurfacing like Pixel and Fraxel, Intense Pulsed Light (IPL), facials, medical grade skin care, dermal fillers like Restylane and Juvederm.  Exilis Ultra can be used on the face, neck, chest and body to tighten and firm any area of loose skin.

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