Common Skin Conditions

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Do you see any elevated bumps on your skin?  Can you feel roughness when you wash your face?  There are so many common skin conditions and here are some that we see often in our Delaware med spa.

  1. Milia.  Milia looks like a white hard pimple.  But it doesn’t “pop”.  You can’t extract any fluid or pus from them.  Milia are white hard balls and small.  Milia are skin flakes that are protein that become trapped under the skin.  Interesting. They are most common on the face.
  2. Sebaceous hyperplastia.  Sebaceous hyperplasia are very common and they are skin colored (flesh tone) and sometimes are donut-shaped. Sebaceous hyperplasia is made from an overabundance of sebocytes which are the cells that makes up your sebaceous glands. Sebaceous hyperplastia is often confused with acne.  If you pick at them, you won’t get any improvement and the bump will remain. They can be found anywhere on the face, chest and body.

How can you improve these common skin conditions?  The best step is to make sure your skin is regularly cleansed, scrubbed and stimulated to turn over new skin cells.  We prefer the ZO Skin Health system to accomplish this with their superior cleansers and facial scrubs as well as Retin-A (tretinoin) to turn over and renew the skin cells daily. Our med spa also loves the Oil Control Pads (a favorite) to reduce the production of oil and sebum.  In addition, some of these skin conditions can be extracted during a facial or improved with microdermabrasion.  Also, avoid picking these skin conditions because you won’t get rid of them that way and can create additional concerns or scarring.

Want to know more about your skin and how to improve your skin health?  Schedule a facial today!  Shae can review your skin and let you know about the common skin conditions and how to treat them.  In addition to facials and microdermabrasions, we offer Botox and fillers, ViPeels, skin tightening and more.  Check out our full range of services and our before and after gallery.  Call 302-273-2827 to schedule!

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