Your Face is Dreaming About Us

Charmed Medispa Face

Your face right now, if it is sagging and feels neglected, is dreaming about Charmed Medispa.  You can smile.   We are like Disneyland for your face and body needs!  And your face knows it and wants to come see Shae the skin wizard and Loraine the master face magician.

At Charmed Medispa, we can lift, firm, remove, add, decrease, replenish, stimulate, fortify and more.  We have all these resources for skin tightening, acne control, wrinkle removing, pigmentation improvement right up our sleeve.  Wa La.

This type of game planning does not happen overnight.  It has taken decades of treatments for Loraine and Shae to learn the fine art of what we do at Charmed Medispa.  We also know what not to do, what will not make you happy and when to do it and when not to do it.  It is what we do all day every day (with pride).

We specialize in skin from skin colors and tones to skin texture, wrinkles, scarring and looseness.  We can execute a plan of action that enhances your features natural and with high satisfaction.  You will think it’s magical and we will give you a hug and we will celebrate together!

Our office is located in Newark, Delaware, and we are close to Philadelphia and Baltimore and serve the tri-state area for non-surgical solutions for face and body rejuvenation.  We offer laser hair removal, IPL, chemical peels, microneedling (like PRP), microdermabarsions, elite facials, Botox, Dysport, dermal filler like Restylane, Juvederm and Voluma, as well as Sculptra Aesthetics, under eye rejuvenation, Exilis Ultra, Pixel, Laser transformation, laser polishing and more.  Body treatments are very popular to address cellulite and even Exilis Ultra for skin tightening of the arms and legs and abdomen.  Finally, we have tons of options!  It’s a good day to come to Disneyland for your face!

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