Your Beauty Safe Haven

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We understand you could be very nervous about entertaining having “something done” to your face?  What if…..?  Charmed Medispa wants to assure you that you can feel safe, advocated for and lead in the right direction under our guidance.  We are dedicated to doing what is in your best interest and conquering your fears about medical spa services.

The second part of the equation is not doing anything at all.  Ever.  You just embrace the changes in your skin and appearance.  We honor and support that as well.  We are not here to tell you that you should have anything done.  Charmed Medispa is here to give you the education and encouragement you need if you are considering having something done.  We are here to hold your hand and support this process of deciding.

Just yesterday, we had someone we have treated for many years who only participated in some skin care decide that it was time to consider more.  Listening to her new concerns, a little Botox and filler will serve her concerns and restore her back to yesteryear.  Easy enough.  In addition, in a few years, she might consider some skin tightening with Sculptra or Exilis Ultra.  Great options to consider when you are in the later forties.  Also, instead of facials we will transition her to something more therapeutic like a chemical peel.   She is ready for more results and we are ready to give her what she is looking for.

Be confident that Charmed Medispa is your beauty safe zone.  We are dedicated to doing what is right for each individual person and to enhance your features with natural results.  Charmed Medispa also offers microneedling, laser hair removal, oily and acne prone skin management, laser resurfacing, scar improvement, Intense Pulsed Light, Latisse as well as medical grade skin care management.  We can find a solution that is perfect for your concerns.  We offer complimentary consults in our Newark, Delaware, location close to Wilmington and Trolley Square.

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