When Should You Avoid Filler

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Recently, we have had several clients come in for filler that were turned away.  This is a more common time of year that filler treatments might get postponed.   These clients actually have had filler before and loved it but this day of their appointment was not a good day to do their filler treatment.  What are the reasons that Charmed Medispa will do the right thing and delay treatment?

  1. They have had an active infection in the last two weeks.  There are plenty of providers that will do fillers like Restylane and Juvederm on someone with a bladder infection or other off the face infection.  Not us.  The science supports that if you do filler when you have an active infection, you may respond to your filler treatment with an autoimmune reaction.  The body is already fighting off an issue and it is best to let that active infection clear for at least two weeks and then have your elective filler treatment when you are well.
  2. You have a sore throat or dental issues.  So you might not think that is a big deal, right?  You have no active infections just a scratchy throat or a tooth with pain.  These issues can be a sign that you are experiencing inflammation and fillers have been reported to react with inflammation as well and create a reaction called delayed hypersensitivity.  Avoid filler until you are free of these issues.
  3. You are having a breakout of pimples or cold sores.  You should not get fillers if you are having active breakouts or cold sores.  Fillers like Restylane and Juvederm should only be applied to skin that is free of any interruptions in the skin and skin that is clean and intact.  You don’t want to put filler through or around a wound or sore.
  4. You have under eye on and off puffiness and sinus issues.  We often see client with an under eye depressions with bags under the eyes that tend to swell.  Since filler is water loving and attracts water to the area adding filler can make someone look more puffy with more issues with their sinuses. In fact, Juvederm is not the best choice under the eyes because it attracts too much water.  We prefer Restylane for under eye treatments to improve the depressions, darkness and hollowness.
  5. You don’t need it.  Sincerely, we have people come in all the time that want filler and don’t need it.  Don’t worry.  Our med spa will be honest with you about this.
  6. Filler is not going to satisfy your concerns.  We will evaluate your concerns and make sure filler is the best option otherwise, we will educate you on the other choices you have that would satisfy your aesthetic goals.

What is important is that our providers know all of these filler safety precautions and will address each of your visits with an update in your general health.  Remember right filler product, for the right concern at the right time.  In addition to Botox and fillers, Charmed Medispa offers a complete laser and skin care center with IPL, chemical peels and microdermabrasions.  We also offer Exilis Ultra, Sculptra and Infini micro needling skin tightening.    Check out our med spa five star reviews and recommendations and our complete gallery of our results that are compelling and natural looking.

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