What HAVE They Had Done?

ad ages

Jane Fonda is 79!  Seventy-nine!!!  We are in awe.  She looks amazing!  And most importantly, she looks natural.  She certainly doesn’t look 79.  Gone are the days!  Enter in, successful aging strategies!

So what has Christie Brinkley done to her face to look stunning at 63?  Who knows!!!  She doesn’t look like she has had anything done and that is the key to success.  A little of this and a little of that to keep the face balanced, healthy and lifted.  And don’t forget the neck.  You have to pay attention to the neck to stay fully cohesive on how you look.

Not long ago, someone said to Shae Ryan, our licensed medical aesthetician, “I can’t believe that you get filler.  You don’t need to get filler, Shae.”  Shae’s honest reply was “I don’t need filler because I get filler.”  Bingo!  You’re a winner, Shae Ryan!   In her fourth decade, Shae is breezing through the OMG phase of aging because she has stayed on top of it.  Staying on top of it is rather easy and it feeds the soul.  We like to say that no one ever said they hate feeling good about themselves!

Gone are the days of radical surgery only options for the face.  Gone are the days of using aggressive lasers only.  Please be gone the days of the thought process that if you have dermal filler you will look filled!  Enter the days of boosting collagen and stem cells and transitioning skin to be consistently healthy.  Enter the days of much better sunblocks and education on how to use them to fight the aging process.  Enter the days of bioidentical dermal fillers.  Enter the days of skin tightening with Exilis Ultra without surgery.  Enter the days of pore reduction, acne control, melasma and rosecea management.  Enter the days of staying connected to YOURSELF and increasing your self esteem and confidence.  Enter the days of looking great at any age.

Charmed Medispa is all about natural, satisfying results that are in your best interest for success.  We are not willing to compromise results and neither should you.  Our office is located in Newark, Delaware, and we treat a variety of skin care concerns and conditions including rosecea, broken capillaries, hair removal, pigmentation reduction, melasma, acne, dry and oily skin imbalances, skin that as lost its vitality and health as well as wrinkle and line reduction.  Start with a complimentary consult and let us warm you into this exciting field!

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