The Millennial Med Spa Appeal

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What is the most cost-effective solution to anti-aging and looking your best through every decade?  Start maintenance young.  If you are a millennial, you will reap the benefits of treating your skin for preservation versus treating your skin for aging.  Prevention is key and has skyrocketed in popularity.  If you have treatments before you actually needs them, studies have proven that you will prevent the steep increase in the aging process. Once these type of treatments were seen as radical (or risky) and now they are considered commonplace (no big deal).   Some of the top millennial treatments include:

  1. Botox or Dysport.  These treatments are very common for clients in their 20’s and 30’s.  You might think that is too soon or that they would be too young.  But imagine that someone creases their brows together for 30 years.  That’s a long time and etched lines and deeper wrinkles will develop based on how much you move an area.  In addition to the remarkable results with Botox, Botox treatment is easy, affordable and there is no downtime.  Botox treatments are ranked as 94.4% highly satisfying and they are no longer associated with people who are older.
  2. Excellent medical grade skin care is a must for the millennial.  Do you want your skin to stay radiant and healthy on a cellular level?  If so, skin care every day is the key to success to keep the DNA of your skin healthy.  You fortify your skin at home and you will reap the benefits of tighter, firmer and clear skin.  Avoid tanning and smoking.  The effects of medical grade skin care (check out our portfolio) are outstanding.  This can often be the first and most effective step for a millennial to stay young looking.  Many products are packed with hyaluronic acid to keep skin ultra hydrated.  Growth factor serums are also very popular as well as tinted sunblocks.
  3. Lip fillers are extremely popular for millennials.  Millennials are highly connected to social media and lips are a facial feature that they love to look their best.  Lip fillers are an easy way to be extra glam in a short office treatment.  We love Juvederm Ultra filler for lips and our clients do to.  Juvederm Ultra makes the lips plumper and smooth and can last 6-9 months.
  4. Chemical peels are a go to treatment for millennials.  Chemical peels are perfect for red carpet ready events and to take the skin to the next level of radiance and glow.
  5. Light-based therapies like IPL as well as microneedling also offer value long-term to the anti-aging plan.

Prevention is a powerful approach to successful aging.  Take care of yourself early and it will dramatically pay off.

In addition to successful anti-aging strategies, our Delaware med spa also has a complete laser and skin care center with IPL, laser resurfacing, skin tightening with Infini and Sculptra as well as Exilis Ultra, laser hair removal and microdermabrasion.  Start early with no regrets!

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