The Formula For Natural Looking Med Spa Results

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“I want natural looking results.”  We know.  We understand and that is an essential part of what we believe in at Charmed Medispa.  What exactly is the formula for natural looking results when you have treatments like filler, Botox and lasers?  Let us explain our core concepts for natural looking refreshment.

First, listen to what you want to achieve.  This in invaluable.  You have to gather a detailed amount of information from you first to understand your specific goals.  Perhaps you want just a little improvement between your brows with Botox or Dysport or they want a glow to your skin.  The priorities you have should be well understood before treatment.  You should be well informed and comfortable.

After a detailed priority list, we start with the first and second priorities before going on to the third or fourth goals you have (if possible).  At our med spa in Delaware, if you are new to treatments, we like to introduce you to things in a certain order and keep your maximum comfort level in mind.  Our providers, Loraine and Shae, can treat you slowly but surely building up your confidence in treatments and what to expect.  Our approach is solid and highly satisfying and lends you to trust us with your face (or body).  That is essential.

If you want natural looking filler, don’t be afraid to do the appropriate amount of filler to give you the right result.  The result will be refreshment and enough of a change that you can see a difference but you won’t look treated or “filled”.  The biggest risk factor you have with dermal fillers like Restylane and Juvederm is that you will want more.  Look at our before and after photo of filler to the lips and folds around the mouth.  Filler made her lips smoother and plumper, lifted the corners of her mouth so they don’t turn down and softened her folds around her mouth.  Natural looking indeed!   If you want Botox or Dysport, “baby” amounts only mean that you will most likely not get a result and it won’t last long.  You will look natural with the right amount of FDA approved Botox!  That is what millions of other people have experienced with Botox so don’t shy away from what is appropriate.

The formula for natural looking results at our med spa is to make sure we know what you want to improve and then apply the appropriate treatment to accomplish this.  We have all the resources you can benefit from so we can make all the right recommendations and if we don’t believe we can make you happy, we can refer you to a wonderful plastic surgeon we trust.    Our med spa has a comprehensive laser and skin care center, microdermabrasions and chemical peels, skin tightening and more to keep your anti-aging success intact.  Check our our gallery of before and after results to see what we have done for other beauties and see for yourself how natural looking and refreshed medical spa treatments at Charmed Medispa are and will continue to be.


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