May 9, 2018
lip filler restylane juvederm delaware

The Misconceptions Of Lip Filler

Have you ever thought about getting your lips filled but are completely petrified?  Are you afraid that you will look unnatural and duck like?  We hear about these lip filler fears all the time and want you to rest assured […]
April 5, 2018
filler restylane juvederm delaware

Filler Rumors and Myths Dispelled

Some street talk and rumors about filler could go like this: Don’t get filler because you’ll look fake and unnatural. Filler will be a huge commitment and if you stop, you’ll look worse after. Try to find the best deal […]
February 21, 2018
botox filler delaware

Botox and Filler Differences

We have clients come in all the time thinking that Botox (or Dysport) does everything on the face from creases to folds to lines, Botox must be the answer.  In reality, Botox has many uses but dermal filler is often […]
February 19, 2018
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You’re Good We’re Good

The most beautiful goal you can get to and our main goal is to have you forget that you ever had concerns.  It does happen!  The client with deep wrinkles and folds can eventually forget about them.  The client with […]
December 13, 2017
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Make Prevention A Priority

Looking left to right in this photo, you can see the facial decent, sagging, jowls and wrinkles that appear over time when someone does not do anything to decelerate the process that occurs during aging.  We can celebrate that now […]
November 28, 2017
under eye dark circle improvement results

Under Eye Concern Solutions

Almost everyone over time will get a depression under the eye that makes the under eye area appear darker, hollow and sunken in.  This appearance makes people look tired even when they are not.  Most people think this is a […]
September 14, 2017
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Ginormous Happiness

If you have a concern on your face and want it make better, guess what?  Do it.  This result of her eye area looks like a thousand dollar result but frankly, it costs about $200-240 total to treat the crow’s […]
September 11, 2017
Shae Ryan Delaware Charmed Medispa

This Is How You Grow Old Gracefully

“I just want to grow old gracefully.”  What exactly does that mean?  You embrace getting older, right?  Why can’t you embrace getting older but take great care of yourself in the process to look your best?   Can you look […]
September 5, 2017
Filler Botox Between Brows

Softer Smoother and Satisfied

Pressing the brows together can eventually cause a crease in the skin.  After years of moving the brows in this fashion, the crease can actually stay and be there when you are not moving.  The crease often makes clients look […]
August 28, 2017
lip line filler treatment

Pesky Lip Lines Treated

On any person above age 40, it is not uncommon to have lip lines (even if you are not a smoker).  Lip lines are simply from talking and moving your mouth in an inward fashion.  Over time, fine and deep […]
August 25, 2017
lip filler results Delaware

The Real Story of Lip Filler

Lip filler has a lot of rumors going round!  Some rumors are that you will look like a duck after treatment and look “filled”.  The reality about lip filler is that YOU WILL WANT MORE!  Never less.  One syringe of […]
April 20, 2017
Before After Jowls

Do You Want To Breakup With Your Jowls?

Do you want to break up with your jowls?  Well, if you do, imagine all the possibilities of a GREAT relationship with your face after you do!  You can have a jowl, sun damage and wrinkle divorce party! Jowls.  I […]