Skip The Scalpel

ad scalpel

Twenty years ago, you had two choices.  You could get older and have surgery with significant downtime procedures (like your face burned or cut) or have nothing.  Facelift, CO2 laser, eyelid lifts, brow lifts and neck lifts were the options for facial rejuvenation.

Fast forward to today.  Today, you have so many non-surgical options available it can be overwhelming to know what is best.  The fabulous news is that you can finally skip the scalpel.  We have had so many advancements in technology with skin tightening devices and lasers as well as dermal filler improvements that you can lift and contour the face now and not have one incision or scar on your face.  You can go from having very photo-damaged skin with uneven pigmentation and lots of wrinkles to skin that is clear and smooth.  All of these results can be done without surgery.  We also have innovations for the body for skin tightening and more!  Wow.  No more scalpel!

The term medical spa was invented as these procedures popped up two decades ago.  Before all of these advancements, the term “medispa” and “medical spa” did not exist.  New world and new words to describe this beautiful industry.

Guess who was there in the beginning of all of these advancements?  Our very own injection specialist, Loraine Savarese.  When she learned filler, it had just been introduced to the general public. She was at the forefront of product trials and making the pathways on how to use these products appropriately.  Now, Loraine educates others on the fine art of dermal filler and Dysport applications.  She is our facial artist and loves what she does!

Shae Ryan was one of the first certified laser operators back in the day!  Loraine and Shae have worked together to blend the powers of topical therapies (skin care, lasers, chemical peels, etc) with deeper therapies for skin (Sculptra, dermal fillers, Botox, etc) to give you the perfect combination to meet your successful aging goals.

Our goal is to refine strategies to get you healthy skin and exceed your rejuvenation goals.  We know we can do it!  We specialize in non-surgical solutions and serve the tri-state area of Maryland, Delaware and Pennsylvania and offer complimentary consults.

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