Skin Care – How To Transform Your Skin In Four Weeks

skin care med spa delaware

Here is an example of our med spa skin care results after four weeks using our product recommendations.  This is a complicated case of dense, dark excess pigmentation called melasma with uneven skin tone, larger pores and dull skin.  Our medical skin care expert, Shae Ryan, evaluated her skin condition and selected the right products to address all of these concerns.

During the evaluation, it was important to take into consideration how often she is exposed to the sun and if her lifestyle kept her mostly indoors or outside, her skin tolerance and sensitivity, her commitment to using products and her overall health.  In addition, a detailed history of what has made her pigmentation worse like heat or hormones and other factors that can change melasma on a seasonal basis was evaluated.

With very detailed information given, an appropriate plan of skin care action can be made.  It’s time to transform the skin.  Some skin can tolerate a skin transformation aggressively and other skin types have to be worked into a plan placing emphasis on getting the skin ready for action first and then starting them on more active products from ZO Skin Health.  In addition to products like the ZO Skin Health, our med spa also uses chemical peels and laser therapies like IPL depending on the skin condition and history.

In four weeks notice how significantly improved her skin is.  There is a great reduction in her pigmentation and her skin is more clear.  Her skin is glowing!  With the right products at the right time recommended to the right person, the results of our skin care program are exceptional! Our Delaware med spa specializes in transforming skin!  In addition to skin care products and peels, our med spa offers Botox and fillers, ViPeels, Juvederm and skin tightening.  Our goal is to educate you on your choices and provide the results that you find highly satisfying.  Call us today to learn more about natural looking results.  Check out our five star med spa reviews and call for a consultation today!

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