Sculptra – Growing Collagen In Your Sleep

Sculptra Delaware med spa

Have you ever pulled your face back and lusted after what that looked like?  We understand.  Many people feel like their face is falling and one day all of a sudden, jowls appear.  Fortunately, we have some beautiful solutions to enhance collagen without fillers if you prefer and without surgery.

Sculptra Aesthetic is an excellent treatment choice to lift and smooth the skin on the face and chest.  Sculptra has been around for decades and is a tried, true and proven way to strengthen collagen.  This produces firmness and tightening of the face gradually.  Slowly but surely, in your sleep even, your face gets tighter and tighter.  It’s a dream come true!

Sculptra has no downtime.  It is an injectable that looks like water and is very well tolerated (no pain) and our guest go back to their normal activities right after.  The results of Sculptra treatments can last for years.  Wow.  Another reason why we love Sculptra.

In addition to Sculptra, our med spa in Delaware provides Botox and fillers like Restylane and Juvederm.  We also have Dysport and an elite laser and skin care center that offers IPL, laser resurfacing, chemical peels, facials and microneedling.  Our newest technology, Infini, is all the rage.  This is microneedling with energy and is perfect for wrinkles, lines and lifting sagging skin.  If you are looking for natural looking refreshment, look no further.  We have all the options you are looking for.  Check out our med spa reviews and recommendations as well as our gallery of results.  You will feel confident in your choice to trust your concerns to Charmed Medispa.

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