Save Deals For Toilet Paper

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Yes, I said it.  I thought about a few analogies that might fit but this heading fits the best.  Save the deals for toilet paper and cat litter.  When it comes it doing it right, do not compromise your face.  Invest in the right treatment at the right time and you will actually save money and time.  Done correctly, filler can last 1-2 years.  Done incorrectly, or cheaper, you can get a 6 month result (if you get a result).

One of the things that is unique about Charmed Medispa is that we take into account what is in your best interest.  We also take into significant account your budget.  We can work around any budget doing what is best first and working off of that plan.  What we don’t do is try to do it all but do it all half way.  That is NOT a result.  You should have your primary concern done first the right way and then move into secondary and tertiary concerns.  Bingo.  Happiness and high levels of satisfaction is achieved this way.

In addition, we are unique because we KNOW how to do it.  That’s vital.  You can have 6 Intense Pulsed Lights somewhere else that equals ONE of ours.  Why?  Because we are laser gurus.  We live and breathe lasers.  We know how to do a mega treatment that is safe.  We are not basic and we don’t do basic results.  We do wow results.  We do results that you can appreciate in a before and after photo session.

I had someone crying recently after a dermal filler treatment to her lower eye area.  They didn’t cry at the treatment appointment (it was painless).  They cried at their follow up visit to discuss results.  Why?  Because she felt old and “tired looking”  and now feels like herself again.  She has stopped wearing glasses to hide her under eye darkness and depression (because it is gone!).  What is that worth?   Everything.  Could she have gotten her injections somewhere else for less money.  Yes.  I’m sure of it.  But I can guarantee, absolutely guarantee, that she would not have the result that made her cry out of joy.  I’m incredibly touched when this happens.  I think to myself and you might have heard me say it, “I can’t sing.  I can’t dance.  But I CAN absolutely inject.  It is my God given talent.”  Thank you, God, for helping me to help others.  That is my purpose.

Back to deals.  Charmed Medispa is all about being 100% effective.  That pure and honest objective serves us well and will serve you the best.  We will not compromise and neither should you.

We specialize in all treatments non-surgical to rejuvenate and refresh you including facials, microdermabrasions, Exilis Ultra skin tightening, microneedling, collagen induction therapy, Botox, dermal filler, Dysport, laser hair removal, chemical peels, customized medical grade skin care, liquid facelifts and more.  Start with a consult to make a plan of action.  End with thumbs up and satisfaction.

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