Retin-A Beauty Secrets Revealed

Retin-A Benefits Anti-aging Wrinkles

There is a fortress of products out there promising to rejuvenate the skin.  Among all of this skin care chaos, one skin care product stands out, Retin-A.  Retin-A is a well known name and this skin care prescription product has been around for decades.  It also goes by the names like tretinion, Tazorac and Renova.  Retin-A is a derivative of vitamin A and was first introduced as a treatment for acne. Then the beautiful benefits of anti-aging were uncovered as well.

What are the boundless advantages of Retin-A?

First, significant improvement and vitality for collagen reproduction and for healthy collagen restoration.  This is essential and you will find improvement in wrinkles which is a favorite outcome for us all.  Skin becomes healthier and glows.  Sun damage, age spots and mottled pigmentation can be reduced with Retin-A.  In addition, there is balancing of the skin’s oil production and moisture.  A key to Retin-A success is to have the right strength (stronger is not better for everyone) and to introduce it every other night in small amounts and work up potentially to every night.  The number of Retin-A pumps you use if important as well.   You can anticipate flaking, pinkness, burning and other “reactions” that are normal when you start this workout program for your skin.  Don’t worry, Charmed Medispa will guide you through your skin care transitions so you don’t stop the skin workout!

Second, you can use Retin-A on the body.  Who knew??  If you have an area of crepey skin that you want to improve, start with Retin-A application twice a week and slowly but surely the texture and quality of the skin will improve.  Take care to use sunblock since Retin-A also gets rid of dead skin cells and can make you more prone to sunburn if exposed.  Shae and Loraine both use Retin-A on their arms and legs.  Retin-A has also been shown to aid in regression of precancerous lesions and in a skin cancer called basal cell carcinomas.  Kudos, Retin-A!

Retin-A is a fundamental part of skin care and is at the top of the list in potent products that work wonders.  Let the team at Charmed Medispa uncover your goals and provide the education and tools you need to achieve them.  In addition to skin care at its best, Charmed Medispa in Delaware provides exclusive results in Botox, Dysport, dermal fillers like Restylane and Juvederm, Sculptra, microneedling like PRP, lasers, Intense Pulsed Light (IPL), chemical peels, Exilis Ultra for skin tightening and more.  Discover the benefits and the difference made with the right medical spa providers who have the right solutions for you.

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