Remedies For Blah Summertime Skin

microdermabrasion delaware med spa

Are you feeling like your skin is dry, dehydrated with congested, large pores (maybe even from sunblock)?  Do you feel like you have dead skin buildup and that your skin is oily with acne?  Summertime is very common to feel this way.  The exposure to sun, wind and elements can wreak havoc on our skin.  Summer is also a time that many services cannot be done at a med spa due to the exposure to sun.  Our med spa in Delaware has some fantastic options to transform and revive the skin without making it sensitive to the sun.

The most popular is a microdermabrasion.  Our medical spa uses a medical grade microdermabrasion which means that we can really get transformation to your skin with a diamond tip wand.  There is no crystals and you will see and feel the difference with this type of microdermabrasion.  Microdermabrasions make your skin feel smoother and remove the dead skin build up leaving your skin perfect for an event or just to look radiant.

You can also do dermaplaning which will remove dead skin and hair build up.  Are you fuzzy?  No problem.  Dermaplaning will remove that hair halo and by doing so, your skin will be smoother and polished.

Facials are another fabulous options at our med spa.  Facials are completely customized to your skin and desired outcome.  In addition, you can combine facials with all kinds of other therapies like peels, microdermabrasions, dermaplaning and more.  This is the ultimate way to refresh and restore the skin from summertime distress.  You will absolutely love Shae’s facials!

Charmed Medispa is committed to doing the right treatment on the right person at the right time.  Summer has its restrictions for some technology and therapies so let’s make sure you stay safe and effective.  Our med spa near you also performs Botox and fillers, customized lip filler, Vi Peels, and skin tightening.  Call us today to learn more about our dermaplaning and mini-facial special!

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