Why Isn’t My Botox Working

botox delaware

Have you ever noticed how many different faces there are?  We have!  Everyone is vastly different and uniquely beautiful.  The shape of our face and the way we move our facial features are all one of a kind. Considering all of these unique features and expressions makes Botox a very complex treatment.  Add in your expectations and the treatment becomes even more complex.  Botox is a very successful treatment but here are the reasons that it doesn’t “work”.

  1. You need a modification on where the Botox is put.  Different sites of injection creates a different result.
  2. You need more Botox.  We are so shocked at how many clients are under-dosed by other providers.  This is an FDA approved and studied medication.  Giving less dosage (less expensive) has consequences.
  3. You have had your Botox treatment repeated too soon.  If you are not moving (or barely moving), you don’t have enough receptors to target during your treatment.  A target is mandatory to get results the best results that last the longest.
  4. It is working.  People assume Botox will make you not move or vanish all wrinkles.  Not true.  You have unrealistic (and often harsh on yourself) expectations.
  5. You have developed antibodies.  Extremely rare.
  6. You should have had a different treatment or combination of treatments.  Lip lines are a great example.  Can you get Botox in lip lines?  Yes.  But a much better and longer lasting result is filler or laser.

Let’s talk about your Botox results and experience and make a plan of action for Botox success.  Our medical spa in Delaware offers a variety of services focused on successful aging strategies that can tighten, strengthen, boost and enhance your skin and facial features.  Check out our medical spa portfolio of results as well as our reviews.  We welcome the opportunity to serve your concerns.

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