Product Pusher OR Proper Products Provider

ZO Skin Health med spa Delaware

Look at beautiful, Shae Ryan, holding a platform of the most amazing products!  Look at her 40 (something) year-old skin and how radiant it is and free of pimples, irritation and wrinkles.    Join us in admiring this Skin Care Warrior.  Hear the applause, Shae!

If you have ever been to Charmed Medispa to see Shae, you know that she is a no BS medical aesthetician who takes her job very seriously.  She finds personal responsibility to take care of each and every single person’s skin she cares for.  Personal responsibility.  She wants you to have skin care success. Many times, in order to accomplish this task, she needs to make skin care product recommendations that may seem like “too much”.  We can assure you, it is not too much, it’s what is proper and right for your specific skin care transformation to occur.

Once the transformation occurs, there might be different products than the initial set of products that you used.  These are your maintenance products and are often less than your starter system.  What is fundamental is that we get you a result with cellular transformation and healthy skin.  Shae’s skin care recommendations work to do this.  And it is not easy.  The skin care products have to address your hydration, pigmentation, sun spots, acne, oiliness, and sensitivities.  You cannot accomplish that successfully or to the highest level of success with random products.  The system has to work together for you.  That is why we love the ZO Skin Health product line for their effectiveness in treating complex skin issues.

We are committed to not compromising on your skin care and it has made all the difference in the results we achieve at Charmed Medispa in as little as four weeks.  Shae is not a product pusher.  She recommends proper products.  See for yourself the difference her knowledge and talent can make in your skin.

Our med spa in Delaware also provides Botox and fillers, chemical peels, microdermabrasions and more.  Check out our five star med spa reviews and recommendations as well as our before and after photos of successful aging.

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