Premium Protection With Sun Shirts

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Have you ever felt like you applied sunscreen all day but still got tan lines on your chest, back and arms?  Sweating and swimming can increase the risk of getting sun exposure when you tried not to.  You can actually sometimes see the sunblock coming off when you get in the water, unfortunately.  Do you have any history of skin cancer or pre-cancerous lesions?  Charmed Medispa wants to educate you on the importance of sun protection for your whole family and increase the awareness of all your sun protection options.  We see people with skin cancer and pre-cancerous lesions all the time in our practice and some are even as young as in their 20’s.

A wonderful  option to help with premium sun protection are sun shirts.  Sun shirts provide SPF protection ranging from  SPF 30 and up and can give you that element of protection you would not have without it.  Did you know that a typical white shirt has only an SPF of 7 and that often drops to 3 when wet?  You are not getting the protection you think you are with regular shirts and fabric.  That is what makes sun shirts so essential.  SPF protective clothing is gaining more and more popularity but many people don’t know that they are available.

Not only do we have sun shirts available to us but they can be pretty cool looking with lots of designs, patterns and styles.  Here is a picture of a sun shirt that is called Active Swim Shrug and it has a great features with a full front zipper and thumbholes for hand protection.  There are loads of choices.

We love you sun.  Seriously, you make us happy everyday we get to see you.  But we also know how powerful you are and that you deliver harmful UVA and UVB rays that can make us suffer longterm.  With all the resources like ZO Skin Health’s sun blocks and wearing sun shirts, you can have a full arsenal of protection. Don’t make sun protection an afterthought.  Our medical spa in Delaware is proud to offer education and  services like Botox and fillers, skin care, microdermabrasions, chemical peels and more.  Check out our five star med spa reviews and recommendations, our beauty blog and our photos to see for yourself what we are all about.

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