Our Standards Are Highest On Products

ad why medical grade

Do you know who is constantly looking at what are the best products for each skin condition?  We are at Charmed Medispa.  We have four internal skin care trials taking place right now.  Because seeing the results ourselves is what counts most.  A skin care company, even medical grade, has to go through our vigorous demands and highest standards so we can ensure your skin care results. And, our own, of course.

Why medical grade products?  First, they HAVE to do what they claim to do.  An over-the-counter product can say glorious things like “seven years younger in seven days”.  Makes us laugh.  REALLY????  But, people do believe it.  Wow, if you use it for 21 days are you 21 years younger?  Give us a break!  But the company can make the claim and they do!  Medical grade products are not allowed to say claims that are not proven with intense medical trials.  They go through years of scrutiny to be able to get to you in a medical practice.

Second, medical grade products are to be dispensed and managed with skin care professionals that are appropriately trained!  Skin is really, really complicated!  There is a variety of skin issues most people have at once time.  For instance, the client with sun damage with intense rosecea that is sensitive to lots of things is NOT going to be a 1,2,3 kind of case.  Nor is the dry person with acne or the oily person with flaking.  There is just a fine art to all of this and putting the right products on the right person requires more than basic knowledge of the skin.  Lots more!

Then you have the fact that the products should not be combined with your home products that you have laying around because it changes the chemistry of the skin care equation.  People will say “oh, I have a moisturizer”.  You have A moisturizer.  You don’t necessarily have the right moisturizer for your skin condition and that works well with your conditioning products.

Charmed Medispa is a good fit for you if you want to put your skin in the hands of people who really care and are dedicated to getting you skin freedom with balanced, brighter, clearer skin that you basically forget was an issue for you.  Charmed Medispa specializes in all skin conditions like acne, rosecea, sun damaged, wrinkled, dehydrated, lackluster, sebaceous hyperplasia, photodamaged and blah skin.  We are your rejuvenation destination for lasers, chemical peels, dermal fillers, Botox, Dysport, Sculptra, Exilis Ultra for skin tightening, vein therapy, microdermabrasions, IPL, laser hair removal and more.  We offer free skin consults at our Newark, Delaware location and will make a plan specific to your needs, budget and desired outcome.

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