Our Personal Experience With Latisse vs. Lash Extensions

latisse results delaware

Are you looking for longer, fuller lashes?  Do you want your lashes to be one of your best features?   In our experience, everyone wants lashes and thankfully we have some exceptional lash enhancing choices for you to consider.  Here is our personal experience with both Latisse and Eye Lash Extensions.

  1. Latisse – Wow.  Super easy.  This is what we love, love, love about Latisse.  You can’t get any easier than once a night using an applicator to apply a solution to your lash line and that is it.  Done.  No glue.  No appointments.  No fuss.  Just you in your bathroom with your bottle of Latisse in private.  Latisse is a medication applied directly to the lash line and it causes the lash hairs to stay in a growth phase.   You will gradually see results and noticeable results in about four-six weeks and then full results with Latisse in 4 months.   Latisse is not immediate but it is long-lasting and convenient.  In addition, in the long run, Latisse is a lot less expensive than eyelash extensions and much less time commitment.  Plus, there is no falling out phase with Latisse.  Your lashes will look good day after day and your results will be consistent with no lashes falling out and looking patchy until your next “fill”.  Latisse is a favorite of Loraine and Leslie.  The cost for a 5 ml bottle of Latisse which should last you 4 months is $179.  The results of Latisse are completely natural looking.  There are reported rare side effects like irritation.  Latisse is not customizable and results will vary from client to client.
  2. Lash Extensions – Wow also.  If you are looking for instant lashes, this will be a great option.  Lash extensions are made to replicate a lash and are applied with glue in individual strands or clusters.  You will go into a spa and come out with lashes.  Lash extension provider skill set varies and you will need to find a provider that does exceptional results, takes their time, uses the right glue and lash choices, etc.  Shae’s feedback about lash extensions is that she likes not having to wear mascara since her mascara application took too long each morning (she admits to wanting her mascara perfect per strand).   The cost for initial lash extension application can vary from $150 on up and then fill sessions can be every 2-3 weeks at $60 on up.  There are also reported side effects like irritation and reaction to the glue as well as inconveniences like lashes fall out between sessions.  Some lash extension results do not look natural.  Lash extension results are customizable and you can discuss with your provider your desired outcome and length.

Which one is right for you?  We are not sure!  There are pros and cons to both Latisse and lash extensions.   The treatments are very different!  We love them both for different reasons.

Charmed Medispa would like to answer any questions you have about your goals and enhancement options.  Our medical spa located in Delaware provides facials, skin care, microdermabrasions, chemical peels, dermal fillers like Restylane and Juvederm, Sculptra and Exilis Ultra for skin tightening, laser resurfacing, IPL, microneedling and more.

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