Ocumend Healing Pads For Bruising After Surgery Or Injections

Ocumend Healing Pads order

Have you postponed having a surgery or injections with filler because of the fear of bruising and swelling?  Do you question how long a bruise would last?  Bruising is common after injections and surgery and fortunately there is a superior treatment to help diminish bruises called Ocumend Healting Pads.  Some people postpone treatment for years because of the fear of bruising so we are thrilled to offer Ocumend Healing Pads as a tried and try way to diminish post surgery and injection concerns.

We highly endorse the use of  Ocumend Healing Pads immediately after injections with filler and after surgery.  Ocumend Healing Pads are clinically proven to reduce bruises, discomfort and swelling after treatment with dermal filler or facelifts, eyelid lifts and necklifts.

The use of Ocumend Healing Pads is simple.  You apply the pad which looks like a large, clear flexible band-aid and leave it on for six hours and repeat until bruising and swelling go away.  Our providers have used them after lasers and injections and saw a significant improvement in the areas the pads were used.  The bruising was almost completely eliminated before it even started.  It’s important to start using the Ocumend Healing Pads immediately after treatment so stock up on them before treatment.  Our med spa in Delaware can apply Ocumend Healing Pads after Restylane or Juvederm treatments to prevent bruising.

If you are looking for significant reduction in bruising, swelling and discomfort after filler or facial surgery, call Charmed Medispa today to order your Ocumend Healing Pads.  Our med spa specializes in anti-aging and wellness therapies to enhance and refresh with natural results.

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