No Filters. No Problem.

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These days with the abundance of filters on every phone camera and applications like Snap Chat people can instantly enhance their facial features.  In fact, they can look instantly flawless.  Then they post their photos of unrealistic flawlessness and people get a personal and public perception that is not accurate about how this person looks.  If someone sees them in person, they might be a little astonished that they don’t actually look like their online profiles and posts. Especially the neck.  You know those filters don’t go all the way down to the neck, don’t you?

One of our goals at Charmed Medispa is to get you to a point of confidence that you don’t need filters.  You don’t need makeup.  You are comfortable with how you look in the natural for real without filters.  We can accomplish a no filter plan by using skin care to begin.  Medical grade skin care, like the ZO Skin Health system, is a great way to boost collagen, smooth out wrinkles, transform oily and acne prone skin and remove sun damage.  You can let your skin shine with the right product.  Skin care is known as one of the most highly satisfying choices our clients make.  They love radiant skin.

Other options for a no filter plan is a little Botox to smooth out smile lines, crow’s feet and the number 11’s.  Botox (and Dysport) work like magic.  They are beautiful choices for wow results.  Second, dermal fillers like Restylane Lyft or Voluma can be used to balance your facial features to lift and contour the face.  The contouring you can get with dermal filler is much better than makeup contouring.  It’s real.

In addition, Charmed Medispa located in Newark, Delaware, offers microneedling, like PRP but with growth factors, Sculptra Aesthetics, Exilis Ultra for face and body tightening and firming, microdermabrasions, facials, medical grade chemical peels like the ZO peel, ViPeel and more.  Start with a complimentary consultation to make a no filter plan of action for your concerns.  We promise, you will not regret looking your best!

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