Mistakes YOU Can Make At A Medical Spa

ad the biggest mistake

You want to look refreshed.  You have googled treatments and are ready to take the first step and visit a medical spa to find out more about your options, cost and what to expect.  As medical spa providers for over 20 years, we want to share some of the mistakes you can make in this process so help you avoid them at all cost.

  1. You really don’t know what concerns you have.  Why is this a problem, especially if you come to Charmed Medispa?  We are not here to tell you that you need anything.  If you are happy, we are happy and therefore we will send you on your way.  In contrast, if you ask us to tell you what you should be doing, you might find it offensive the advice we give you.  For instance, we might tell you that you should work on your sun damage and you tell us you like your freckles.  We offer advice on making your skin healthy and you tell us you are happy with your skin care from Walgreens.  If you can pinpoint your concerns, we have have clear, concise and comprehensive recommendations that YOU will value.  Otherwise, it’s a toss up.
  2. You decide on the medical spa to go to based on price.  Sure, $50 off the laser on your face is $50 but it’s your face.  Experience matters and yes, we might not be the cheapest game in town but we promise that the experience and results you get are worth the investment.  At Charmed you might be told you need two syringes of filler to get your desired result but another provider says you will be good with one syringe.  Sounds attractive to go for the one syringe and save some money but the truth is, your results and how long your results will last will suffer.  Get the full correction, enjoy the results and your investment will be less in the long run (not to mention your satisfaction).
  3. You are unwilling to do what it takes on your part to get the desired result.  This is a BIG one.  You want it but you aren’t willing to go the mile.   For instance, you want clear and radiant skin but you don’t use the products like you were advised you to.  You skip a night or decide to take the weekend off of product use.  Another example, is picking your skin when you want to clear your acne or you sneak in a product that is not on your protocol.  You tan.  You don’t come back when you should for your next treatment.  You only have one laser treatment when the plan was to do two.  You get it.  You have to be committed so that your results are on point.  If you do what we advise, the results are predictable and way better!
  4. You trust your face to a dirty office.  Gross.  Huge no no.
  5. You “have been everywhere” for treatments.  You need to cultivate a relationship with your provider and stop jumping around (most of the time for specials).

Charmed Medispa is thrilled to cultivate a wonderful relationship of trust and honesty with our clients and community.  We support other medical spa providers in this industry and are happy when we see  them doing services the right way.  Our medical spa in Delaware provides services like fillers, Botox, Dysport, Sculptra, Exilis Ultra, chemical peels, laser hair removal, laser resurfacing and microneedling.  We are dedicated to honest, safe and impressive results.  Check out our portfolio and reviews!

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