Midface Groove Treatment Results

fillers midface groove

Ever notice a line that seems to go from the corner of your lower eyelid down the middle of your face?  Usually there is also some bulging or pocket on the cheek beside this groove that looks puffy.  It can make the under eye area and cheek look dark and make you look tired.

This “groove” is from shifting and changes in your facial volume.  As we age, the fat pads in our midface shrink away and it creates a depression in the cheeks.  The fat pads in the lower face tend to stay more robust.  The end result of changes in facial volume create an imbalance in the face with the lower face being fuller than the midface.  Many people who are athletic and have a thin face notice a facial groove sooner than most people because they have very little fat pads in their midface especially after age 35 (yes, that is a young age).

Treatment options include dermal fillers like Restylane and Juvederm including Lyft and Voluma which will replace and naturally restore the appropriate volume in your face.  Here is an example of restoration of facial volume using filler. Notice as well the improvement in lines and wrinkles in the face.   Filler is not an implant and you won’t feel filler in your face.  Dermal fillers feel and look natural and the results in the midface can last 1-2 years with minimal touchups to keep your results.  In addition to the improvement in the facial contour, clients express that they look less tired and their appearance is “brighter and more alive”.

Charmed Medispa located in Delaware has an advanced aesthetic provider who has performed dermal filler treatments since the very beginning of treatment options.  Our medical spa also provides Botox, Dysport, laser hair removal, skin care with proven results, microdermabrasion, microneedling like PRP, Exilis Ultra, Sculptra Aesthetic as well as facials and chemical peels.  Charmed Medispa has significant positive reviews and endorsements from our community and we are proud of offer honest and outstanding medical spa treatments and results.

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