Microneedling And Laser Face Off

laser microneedling medical spa delaware

There are so many options for looking refreshed and revived!!  Compared to twenty years ago, we have tons of devices and technology to choose from.  The good news is that we stay on top of it FOR you.  You don’t have to try to figure it out.  Charmed Medispa has both microneedling and laser therapies and we want to break it down for you and why we like both treatments and which treatment we prefer.

Microneedling with or without PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma) is a treatment where tiny needles create punctures into the skin promoting collagen growth.  In essence, you are injuring the skin and it heals itself with refreshed collagen.  You can infuse different topical products during treatment including their own platelets and fibrin (PRP) or growth factors (some providers use water which we don’t understand why they would).  The puncture act as a tunnel to help these product to penetrate the skin that they otherwise would  not.  Charmed Medispa has been utilizing microneedling for many years.  Microneedling is our procedure of choice for darker skinned clients that are not good candidate for lasers.  We don’t like the fact that the needle only penetrates so far and actually gets dull during treatments.

Lasers, in contrast, do not infuse any products into the skin.  The laser uses short, concentrated pulses of a laser beam to precisely remove layers of the skin (again hundreds of tiny punctures into the skin).  There are many different types of lasers including diode laser, CO2 laser, Erbium laser, Nd:Yag laser and more which all work differently and target different concerns in the skin.  Both Loraine and Shae are laser certified operators which means that they passed a national examination on the physics, uses and principals on these lasers.  Lasers many times cannot be used on darker skinned or tanned clients.  What we like about a laser is the control!  You have tons of settings and can control the depth of treatment and how many passes you do.  This means that you can often be more appropriately aggressive with treatment and get a better result.  There is no dulling of the needle!  In our opinion, providers use microneedling when they don’t know how or don’t have a laser to use.  Laser are  a fabulous tool and we believe, has a better, more compelling outcome.  Lasers are much more complicated than microneedling.  You really, really have to know skin to work with these tools.  Our medical spa also has Intense Pulsed Light which technically is not a laser but a light source.  IPL has no downtime and does not create punctures into the skin but uses the energy of the light to remove sun spots and redness.  IPL is not used for wrinkles and lines, in contrast.

Both microneedling and lasers can be used to improve wrinkles, fine lines, acne scarring, sun damage, and make your skin smoother and firmer.  Certain lasers can also improve redness and rosecea which microneedling cannot target like a laser can.   The more aggressive the treatment, the better the outcome.  If you have no downtime or healing, your results will not be as impressive.   You can work with our providers to determine what you would like to commit to for “downtime”.  Both of these treatments require you to avoid sun exposure before and after treatment.

Charmed Medispa located in Newark, Delaware, has many resources to offer you for face and body rejuvenation.  We have the tools and skills needed to make the right recommendation based on your desired result.  In addition, our medical spa offers Botox, fillers like Restylane, Juvederm and Voluma, Sculptra, Exilis Ultra for skin tightening, microdermabrasions, facials, chemical peels, skin care and more.  Start with a comprehensive consultation!

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