It Is Usually One Or The Other

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Easy and impressive.  The words in reference to skin tightening usually do not go together!  You don’t have to choose anymore.  It used to be that if it was easy, the results were bland.  Likewise, if the results were impressive, you had to have uber downtime and incisions with healing and scars.    Enter in Exilis Ultra which combines radiofrequency and ultrasound and you have BOTH easy and impressive skin tightening on the face and body!

Skin tightening with radiofrequency waves is not new.  We had Thermage two decades ago that introduced us to skin tightening without surgery.  Thermage was painful.  The treatment was done under sedation, in fact.  And the results were so so.

About a decade ago, radiofrequency transformed into a new delivery system and Exilis was born.  No more pain so it was easy to have done.  The results were again so so.

Now, you have a generation of improvement in radiofrequency and it combines with ultrasound and suddenly you have results that we are truly intrigued at how impressive they are.  We are super impressed at OUR results.  Let us clarify that since we do extra time and care during Exilis Ultra treatment at Charmed Medispa, the results are much better than normal.  Remember, the technology (including SmartLipo and other devices) are ONLY as good as the provider.  If you have a subpar provider, you have subpar results.  The provider makes all the difference!  Plus, you have to be well hydrated when you have Exilis and should not have it immediately after working out for instance.  These details influence your results.   So we are excited that skin tightening without surgery is finally EASY and IMPRESSIVE.  It is a new day!

What else is easy and impressive?

Intense Pulsed Light – Game changer for redness and sunspots.  IPL can removed years of sun damage in a single visit.

Dermal Filler – Many areas like the nasolabial folds, marrionette folds and cheeks can be done and you can resume all activities even the same day.

Botox and Dysport – Super easy and super impressive!  We love the refreshed and natural way you look after treatment.

Medical-Grade Skin care – Talk about results and long lasting cellular health.  If you want to go to the next level with skin care, here is an awesome option.

Sculptra – Another resource to grow healthy and tighter collagen.

Chemical Peels – They are pH balanced now and you will not “burn” the skin like before.  Peeling is manageable and can be customized for oily, acne and other skin conditions!

We have plans at Charmed to make your journey easy and impressive.  Charmed Medispa is located across from Christiana Hospital and we are honored to serve the Newark, Delaware, and tri-state area with non-surgical, highly satisfying treatments that specifically address your concerns.

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