Instant Impressive Jowl Treatment

filler jowls jaw line

Have you ever felt that your face was melting?  Well, you are not alone.  We have a Jowl Support Group here at Charmed Medispa.  If you are looking for a fast pick-me-up for jowls, there are options that can be impressive without surgery or downtime.  What are our favorites?

  1. Our favorite is using fillers like Restylane and Juvederm in the depression beside the jowls can instantly and  significantly improve the jowls by blending the skin and making it tighter.  In addition, you can continue filler in the jaw line and create a tighter, firmer jaw line in a short in office session.  The results of filler in the jaw line and pre-jowl area last one year or longer.  Always keep in mind that with filler once you get your correction, you need half the amount of filler to maintain the result.  Filler also builds collagen and will last longer and longer.  Fillers are an excellent option for the jowls.
  2. Sculptra is a great choice to improve the jowls.  Sculptra is an injectable that builds collagen and lifts and firms the entire lower face.  Hence, the jaw line and jowls are improved.  Sculptra is also great for crepey skin and loose skin.  Our guests really love that it lasts for years and there is no downtime.
  3. Exilis Ultra for skin tightening is a great option and uses radiofrequency heat to snap up collagen.  Exilis can be done in anywhere on the face or body and is perfect to consider when you don’t want injections or you have areas that you can’t do injections.
  4. Botox can also be used to smooth the jaw line, chin depressions, neck bands as well as chin cobbling.  Sometimes just adding Botox to the jowl area can snap up the jowls and create a tighter, firmer jaw line.

Jowls.  We will defeat you!  Charmed Medispa is your destination for truth in med spa services.  If you are looking for honest, real and compelling advice on skin care and anti-aging, look no further than our Delaware med spa.  Check out our med spa reviews and gallery of before and after results for fillers and botox, Exilis Ultra and microneedling.  You will feel confident in your decision to make Charmed Medispa your choice for your concerns.

Before After Jowls

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