I’m A Human Oil Factory

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Is your face greasy and oily all the time?  Do you have to blot your face by lunch?  Do you think your pores are the size of the Grand Canyon?  You are not alone.  Club Oil Factory is packed with people just like you.

How annoying, right?! Oil production can be excessive and can lead to acne.  The goal is to balance the oil production without making you too dry which is the opposite demon of this equation.  At Charmed Medispa, we see a variety of skin conditions and one of the main concerns we treat is oily skin, along with acne and large pores.

Our favorite recommendation for oily skin is Oil Control Pads made by ZO Skin Health. They used to be called Cebatrol Oil Control Pads.   Oil Control Pads have been designed to control oil production, normalize pore size, reduce irritation and improve acne.  Our clients have this to say about them:

“I live in fear of running out of Oil my Control Pads.”

“I’m completely obsessed with Oil Control Pads.” 

“Finally, I don’t have to put facial powder on all day long to suck up all my oil.”

In summary, our staff and clients rank Oil Control Pads as a must have.  Super must have.  Purchase online at www.charmedmedispa.com.  Charmed Medispa is committed to giving you your best skin.   We are Delaware’s number one medical spa destination and also treat sun damage, melasma, rosecea, redness, sagging and loose skin, freckles, red spots, wrinkles, lines, folds, dry skin, crepey skin and more.  Our providers, Loraine Savarese, RN, and Shae Ryan, LE,  have the  most medical spa experience in Delaware and can make a plan of action with sure success for your skin care goals.



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