FOTO – Fear of Treatment Options

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Client:  I have ABC concerns.

Charmed Provider:  Those concerns can be managed with ABC option and is commonly done with high satisfaction.

Client:  Oh no.  I don’t want any treatment.  I just want to rub on a product, that smells really good.

Charmed Provider:  That will not work on your concerns at all.  I would highly recommend ABC option.

Five years pass…..

Same client:  I have ABC concerns that really bother me.  I don’t feel like myself.

Charmed Provider:  These are the same concerns we addressed five years ago.  The treatment option is the same we discussed and I would be happy to introduce you to it.

Same client:  Oh no.  I just want you to recommend a cleanser.

This is classic FOTO.  Fear of treatment options.  No matter how much time passes and how deep and bothersome the concern is, some clients just do not want to do treatments.  They just want a magic cream to vanish their wrinkles and sagging skin.  They have bought those television commercial products that show wrinkles disappear before your eyes (like seriously?!).  They smile less so they don’t get wrinkles (we do not recommend this ever).  But when you offer an appropriate and highly satisfying treatment option like a chemical peel, filler, Botox or microneedling, they balk.  Then five years passes and their concerns are worse, they feel disconnected with themselves and are even a little sad at the changes they see.  This could have all been avoided IF clients believe, trust and understand that Charmed Medispa would never recommend something that is not in your best interest. When you have the right provider, you can stop overthinking these options.

Charmed Medispa has many resources and treatment options that will specifically meet your goals.  If you are looking for simple, lovely refreshment, we have it here waiting for you.  Don’t let fear guide you.  Our providers have decades of experience in the medical spa industry in Delaware and are considered the experts to see.  We offer facials, skin care, microdermabrasions, fillers like Restylane, Juvederm and Voluma as well as Sculptra, Botox, Dysport, Exilis Ultra for skin tightening, laser hair removal, Intense Pulsed Light, chemical peels and more.  We will turn your FOTO into FOMO!  Start today with a consult!

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