Filler Rumors and Myths Dispelled

filler restylane juvederm delaware

Some street talk and rumors about filler could go like this:

Don’t get filler because you’ll look fake and unnatural.

Filler will be a huge commitment and if you stop, you’ll look worse after.

Try to find the best deal for filler.

Let us set the record straight.  Filler is natural looking and feeling.  To look fake, you need to have a ton of filler and most of the time, people actually want this look if they have it.  This extra look is their desired outcome.  Just like overly long lash extensions and purple hair.  At Charmed, we are just your ambassadors to meet your desired outcome.   In addition, if you ever stop having filler, you will not look worse.  It is not like a balloon that deflates.  It will gradually go away and you will win because of the collagen that it produced.  You’ve seen people with duck lips.  Guess what, they love it!  You might not, but it is dreamy to them.  To each his own.  We promote natural results at Charmed Medispa and we never recommend anything that is not in your best interest.

Many clients will have a result with filler and then come in for touch-ups only with small amounts being done to maintain their enhanced look.  This is an awesome place and goal.  In short, in the beginning you get filler and then you get a lot less filler just to sustain your result.  It is that simple.  Sometimes we get clients in that don’t think they need anything anymore after having a single filler session.  The filler did the job to give them the pick-me-up they are looking for.  Excellent!

Having filler is like commissioning an art project.  The art project happens to be you.  Think about that when you are looking for filler including Restylane and Juvederm deals.  Would you really want to sacrifice your results for a very small discount?  Charmed Medispa provides reasonable prices with a dermal filler expert, Loraine Savarese, RN, who has done clinical trials on filler, has trained countless health care providers on filler and who is considered Delaware’s most experienced aesthetic specialist.  Our priority is to give you comfort and confidence in this process so you can fully understand what is a myth and what are the fundamental truths about fillers like Restylane and Juvederm.

Charmed Medispa also offers full services medical spa services like skin care, facials, skin tightening, Sculptra, Botox, Dysport, chemical peels, micronedling, lasers, IPL and more.  Start with time with the experts to listen to your concerns and set you on a path of success for your aesthetic goals!


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