Before After Jowls

Do you want to break up with your jowls?  Well, if you do, imagine all the possibilities of a GREAT relationship with your face after you do!  You can have a jowl, sun damage and wrinkle divorce party!

Jowls.  I don’t even like the name.  Jowls come from facial descent and believe it of not, the majority of that occurs because we lose fat in the mid-face.  That supporting fat structure when it’s not there, makes the face sag.

Facial rejuvenation has artist value and as a provider I have to have artistic talent.  It’s not just science, trust me.  You can be a genius and very book smart and be dreadful as an aesthetic provider.  As a provider of aesthetic plans, I  have to have a vision to sculpt the face with the right balance.   We all  lend a good amount of time to our own personal vision of what we want to look like and therefore,  we all are our own artistic creators for personal beauty.  My goal is to guide you in the right ways to get to your desired result.

There is a beautiful, appropriately named treatment, called Sculptra Aesthetic.  This treatment is designed to sculpt the face and lift and balance contours.  The key is that Sculptra works gradually.  There is no super wow results from minute one.  Sculptra is a treatment that grows and enhances collagen to lift jowls.  These results displayed were a combination of dermal filler like Restylane Lyft and Juvederm Ultra Plus around the marrionette and nasolabial folds and more delicate filler like Restylane Silk to the lip lines.  Then, Sculptra was done in the framework of the face to hoist those jowls.  She broke up with her jowls and has never turned back!

If you are not in love with a particular feature, come to your support group at Charmed Medispa and let’s talk about it.  Let’s decide where you and your face are going!  It feels really great to be happy with your skin and overall appearance.  We are here for YOU.

Charmed Medispa specializes in results oriented skin care, as well as improvement  for wrinkles and fine lines, acne and oily prone skin with enlarged pore size, sagging skin, lackluster and dull, dehyrated skin, lifting and contouring skin and volume as well as being your fan club for telling you what is fabulous about you already!  Our Newark, Delaware, office is close to Philadelphia, Baltimore and the tri-state area.

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