Do You Have This Common Neck Discoloration Called Poikiloderma?

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Have you noticed that the sides of your neck are darker than the area in your neck directly under your chin?  The darker skin can also have redness and white patches?  Have you noticed that it gets worse in the summer?  This condition is often poikiloderma.  Poikiloderma is a complex skin condition that has sun damage, white patches (hypopigmentation) and broken capillaries with redness.

Under the chin is not affected by poikiloderma because it is often not exposed to the same sun damage as the sides of the neck.  This creates a line of demarcation in the skin and makes it look worse since there are such distinct color differences in the neck.  Poikiloderma can be noticeably  worse in the summer also as we get more sun exposure.

What can be done for poikiloderma to improve the darkness and redness?  Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) is a great option to improve poikiloderma.  IPL is a light source that will recognize the unwanted sun damage and broken capillaries and make them shrink and go away.  In addition, products can help to improve the dark pigment and tighten the weaker skin.  One factor that will not improve is the hypopigmentation in the area.  Once an area has no pigment, you cannot restore the color back to normal.  In our experience at Charmed Medispa, when you take away the darkness and redness, it makes the lack of pigment blend better and our clients are very satisfied with the outcome.

Poikiloderma can also be seen on the chest area and the same treatments can be done to significantly improve the appearance of the chest.

In addition to treating excess pigmentation and redness of the face, neck and chest, our med spa in Delaware specializes in Botox and fillers, chemical peels, skin tightening and more.  Our goal is to get the skin healthy and provider you with natural results that you will love and appreciate.  Check out our five star med spa reviews and recommendation as well as our full gallery of before and after results.

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