Comfort Doesn’t Always Equal Results

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We get asked all the time things like: “How bad will I peel?” or “Will I bruise?”. We are also told things like: “I can’t have any swelling or bruising” or  “I just can’t go to work with my skin red or peeling”.  We get it. It is inconvenient, slightly embarrassing, and annoying to have these ANTICIPATED REACTIONS to some services and products. However, I ask you this: Do you want the best and sustainable results? Do you want to finally address the concerns that you’ve come to us for answers for?   Or would you rather be “COMFORTABLE”?

Let me give you a comparison.  Many of us want to have the firm and in shape bodies of women we see that work out all the time…..but are we willing to put the work into it that they are?  It is often inconvenient and very often it’s uncomfortable to achieve those firm results….but it certainly appears like the outcome is worth it, right?!  The change they achieved is real and impressive.  It is exactly the same with having really good and healthy skin and even improvement if facial sagging and looseness! Sometimes a little temporary peeling is part of achieving your skin goals! To get more even contours and wipe away lines etched into our face it often may come with some temporary swelling and/or small bruise. All of these things are temporary. The RESULT is what is long term and fabulous.

Recently we heard a talk from a world famous skin guru who has a large practice in southern California and has clients that fly in to see him from around the world.  When someone in the audience asked him how he deals with clients who presents with severe sun damage and have to wear heavy makeup to cover it already that say “How will I go to work with red or peely skin?”, the doctor says this to his client “I don’t know. How do you go to work every day with the skin you have now?”!  It was a bold statement, don’t you think?! He’s saying don’t take yourself so seriously! Some temporary skin discomfort and not looking “ideal” will be long forgotten when you have the best skin of your life. You are worth it.  The results are worth it. We can get you through this. We want to help you achieve your skin and aesthetic goals. We also won’t compromise on what is in your best interest. We refuse to dumb down or oversimplify your skin regime because we know you won’t achieve results. We respect you and want to always be honest with you. Don’t forget that one option for your facial concerns is to continue doing what you’re doing now and you will continue to get the lack of results you are currently getting.

Charmed Medispa is dedicated to education first.  We strive to give you the knowledge and power to pull the trigger on what is right for you.  We specialize in healthy skin transformation and offer services like medical grade skin care, chemical peels, dermal fillers, Botox, Sculptra, Dysport, collagen induction therapy, microneedling, Exilis Ultra and more.  We offer complimentary consultation in our Newark, Delaware, office which is close to Wilmington, Pennsylvania and Maryland.

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