Can I Use RetinA In The Summer?

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Skin care is often a mystery and every season of the year brings new questions about skin care and how to alter your skin care products if needed.  A huge misconception is that you need to pull back on skin care in the summer since you will be outdoors and exposed to the sun.  Contrary to popular belief, RetinA is often better tolerated in the summer due to the humidity in the air.  But there are some key factors you need to consider for summertime use of RetinA and retinols.

Let’s explain first how RetinA and retinols work.  RetinA and retinols can make your skin more sun sensitive by increasing cellular turnover and removing dead skin and making healthy ones.  These healthy skin cells without the buffer of all those dead cells can burn more easily.  And that is why….

You should ALWAYS use sun protection with a sunblock that has the best active ingredients to ensure the proper SPF when you are using any skin stimulating product and especially when you use RetinA and retinols.  Our med spa loves a few sunblocks.  If you are looking for a broad spectrum sunscreen with primer, ZO Skin Health has a beautiful option.  ZO Skin Health also offers Daily Sheer SPF 50 that has a fractionated melanin to blend with your skin tone and provide a non-greasy, matte finish. We also carry antioxidants like vitamin C to assist in the skin protection during the summer.

In our experience at Charmed Medispa, you will tolerate RetinA in the summer just fine with the right sunblock.  Do not fall off the skin care wagon in the summer!  Forge ahead with your sunblock and hat defenses.  Stopping your skin care program in the summer only leads to additional sun damage and aging.

In addition to skin care, our med spa in Delaware provides Botox and fillers, skin tightening, microdermabrasion and facials.  We strive to serve our community with the highest level of integrity.  Check out our five star med spa reviews and recommendations and our before and after photos to see what we are all about.


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