Botox Treatment Results and Expectations

botox delaware

It’s not just people that gets rumors spread about them.  Botox has lots of rumors and myths that circulate and we have heard them all.  At Charmed Medispa, we have been providers of Botox and Dysport for over a decade as well as have received Botox and Dysport treatments ourselves.  Everyone on the Charmed Medispa team is a big fan.  Let us share some key points on Botox treatments and results.

  1. The results of Botox are natural looking.  Look at this smile and result of her wrinkles before and after Botox.  She is still smiling hard but her wrinkles are very diminished (almost gone).  This is a beautiful and typical result at our medical spa.
  2. We wish Botox lasted longer but we will take it.  Botox typically lasts 4 months.  Leslie is right on the dot and can’t go a day past 4 months but Shae can stretch hers to about 5 months and Chandler is every six months.
  3. Botox treatment is super easy and can be done on your lunch break.  No worries.  Bo and go!
  4. Prevention of deeper lines and wrinkles is a super plus with Botox or Dysport treatments.  If you are looking for a great maintenance option, Botox is a perfect choice. Many people are doing Botox before they “need” Botox to stay ahead of the game.
  5. Botox is safe.  Botox is given to babies for muscle disorders and has been studied for decades.  It’s a granddaddy and we know all we need to know about it.  No surprises.

If you are intimidated to try Botox, start small with one area and experience it, gain confidence in your results (fall in love in other words) and go from there.

Charmed Medispa is located in Delaware and serves Pennsylvania and Maryland with non-surgical services like fillers, Sculptra, IPL, microneedling, skin care, chemical peels and more.  Our medical spa is proud to have the endorsement of our community with five star reviews and recommendations.  We are dedicated to giving you the best possible experience and outcome.


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