It’s Not A Deal If You Don’t Get Your Best Result

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Having results is better than saving 10%.  Are you looking for deals or value?  Good results are better than mediocre results.  Exceptional results are better than good results.   Having long-lasting satisfaction is better than short-term satisfaction.  Feeling great about yourself is better than feeling blah.  Looking great and being healthy is more valuable than whatever you own.

We have learned at Charmed Medispa that the value in med spa services is the overall outcome of the result.  We provide services that are worth more because you get a better result.  Let us share an example.  We have guests who have had filler with another provider and they didn’t really see a result.  They share that they would have rather had a result than less filler.  Yes!  Exactly.  Sometimes in that initial poor encounter with filler, they lost any sense that filler can do much of anything.  We have great news.  Fillers can help you reclaim your desired natural look.  Promise.  It’s just all about how the filler is done and the provider who is doing it.

Let’s also look at lasers that resurface the skin to improve wrinkles and lines.  If you get a resurfacing laser treatment like Pixel or Fraxel and there is no downtime, no redness and no flaking  and you can put makeup on that day, you probably did not get a treatment that will provide much change.  Maybe you feel a little glowy afterwards and have short term swelling that makes your wrinkles look better.  But in the long run, you didn’t get much improvement from your wrinkles.  It’s a fact.  The less deep treatment was easier and probably less expensive (a deal) but your overall goals were not achieved.

At Charmed Medispa, we are all about working around YOUR desired outcome and your commitment.  But we won’t compromise your results because you would rather do the less expensive treatment that won’t really work.  We have guests with severe rosecea and skin sensitivities that want a peel but they really need an Intense Pulsed Light (IPL).  Sure the peel might be a little less money but it’s highly inappropriate for your skin condition and goals.

Our advice is not to pick your med spa services because it sounds like a deal.  Trust your Charmed Medispa providers to provide the services that offer VALUE.  You won’t regret not saving 10% when you have 50% better of a result.  You can count on that.

Charmed Medispa located in Delaware treats concerns like lackluster and dull skin, getting ready for special events, acne, wrinkles and fine lines, fold and sagging of the skin as well as sun spots and redness.  We have the most medical spa experience in Delaware and our team can exceed your skin care and anti-aging goals.


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