Anti-Aging In A Med Spa

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Are you looking for options to improve your complexion or your wrinkles?  Do you think about your under eye area and wish you didn’t look tired?  These are all typical concerns we hear at Charmed Medispa and there are some reliable, easy and remarkable solutions to perk up your skin, transform your concerns and to give you the refreshment you are looking for.

First you need to know, that it is easier than you could imagine.  Let’s say you have sun spots and broken capillaries and would like to get rid of them but you don’t want to use products.  Our med spa would suggest Intense Pulsed Light.  In a quick office treatment, IPL can lighten and brighten the skin and transform your appearance.  Life without makeup on some days with confidence can be yours.  IPL is one of the most popular treatment at our med spa and can be performed on the face, neck, chest and even arms.

Let’s say you have a lip that disappears when you smile.  Try the lip flip!  A lip flip can be accomplished with a small amount of Botox in the border of the lip.  Our clients love the lip flip and enjoy the ease of having it done.

How about ingrown hairs and irritation?  Laser hair removal is not only a beautiful option but one you can enjoy the rest of your life.  Can you imagine not having to shave your underarms or bikini?  Heaven!

Want to grow stronger and longer lashes without lash extensions?  We got this.  Latisse is a beautiful choice and you apply this solution every night and your lashes will grow longer and fuller and it is so incredibly simple and affordable.

How about that line between your brows?  Try some Botox and learn the magic of how a lunchtime appointment can transform your life and make you look less angry, more pleasant and very refreshed.

We have so many solutions at our Delaware medical spa and all we need you to do, is share your concerns and we will make a plan of action that you will find is “easier than I thought” and “highly addictive”.  Our med spa has a full service laser and skin care center and we offer microdermabrasions, Botox and fillers. lip filler, microneedling, ZO Skin Health skin care products and more.  Check out our med spa five star reviews and recommendations.  Call us today at 302-273-2827 and learn more.

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