A Word To The Judgy

anti-aging delaware

Just yesterday, a man commented on one of our social media posts that people should not have anti-aging services done and that we should just like how we look without treatments.  Meanwhile he is dressed in a suit in his profile picture with designer glasses and looks likes he cares about his appearance.  We responded to his comment (of which then he deleted his comment) that people like looking good, taking care of themselves and being their best.  Who doesn’t like looking fabulous?  It’s pretty rare that we hear people say that they want to look like crap and love pimples, jowls and sun damage.

Simply said, you are pretty judgy, mister.  I bet you like your significant other looking good.  I bet you love looking good as well.   You might even drive around in a nice shiny car.   We would like to share a few things about this industry and our specific goals at Charmed Medispa and why we think he needs a little enlightenment.

We are only here to enhance your natural beauty and encourage healthy habits and practices.  We are here to listen and address your concerns and give you the education needed to make some pivotal choices to have healthy skin and look your best.  Charmed Medispa is in the skin health practice just like you keep your heart and lungs healthy by making good choices.  We are not here to make people look like blowfish or to tell them that they need anything.  People don’t need anything.  They want to look good.  If they are happy with their appearance, so are we.  What sets us apart at Charmed Medispa is that we are entirely focused on honest recommendations that are in your best interest.  We are unwilling to compromise your care.

We believe that looking your best makes your feel better than anything you own even your Louis Vuitton or Chanel bag.  FEELING great outweighs what we own and wear.  We know this because we see it all day every day for the last 20 years.

Charmed Medispa is located in Newark, Delaware, and we offer services like facials, microneedling, chemical peels, medical grade skin care, Botox, Dysport, dermal fillers like Restylane and Juvuderm, Sculptra and Exilis Ultra for skin tightening, microdermabrasions and more.  Most importantly, we truly care about you and your personal journey.


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