May 25, 2018
Melasma and severe hyperpigmentation treated with our skin care.

Skin Care Ecstacy

Would you like to feel ecstatic about your skin? Would you like to wear no cover up makeup and concealer to mask your skin conditions?  Yes!  Everyone wants good skin and hair, let’s be honest! Our skin car programs are […]
May 21, 2018
medical spa treatments delaware

FOTO – Fear of Treatment Options

Client:  I have ABC concerns. Charmed Provider:  Those concerns can be managed with ABC option and is commonly done with high satisfaction. Client:  Oh no.  I don’t want any treatment.  I just want to rub on a product, that smells […]
May 14, 2018
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Slay Your Sun Spots and Redness

Most of our clients have two issues that includes sun spots and redness with broken capillaries.  Did you know that you can treat them all during the same visit as well as improve wrinkles and fine lines?  We have a […]
May 9, 2018
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The Misconceptions Of Lip Filler

Have you ever thought about getting your lips filled but are completely petrified?  Are you afraid that you will look unnatural and duck like?  We hear about these lip filler fears all the time and want you to rest assured […]
May 3, 2018
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“Living Up To The Hype”

“Thanks for living up to all the hype and truly caring” is the best compliment Charmed Medispa can ever hope for! Having “the first good skin day in years” puts a huge smile on our faces and makes us feel […]