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Any of these before and after photos look fake or done?  Any work on our web site that looks “weird”?  At Charmed Medispa, we are the AMBASSADORS of promoting safe and natural results.  Dermal filler is an exceptional option for lots of concerns clients have including:

  1.  Lines.  Any fine line or wrinkle can use a little dermal filler to lift and smooth the lines.  The most common areas are around the mouth and between the brows.
  2. Lifting.  Dermal filler like Restylane Lyft and Voluma can be used to balance and contour the face and lift the sagging skin.  You can also lift the marrionette folds, nasolabial folds and brows.
  3. Scarring.  Fillers can be added to acne scars or traumatic scars that are depressed to make the depressed scar blend with the adjacent tissue and skin.  No more sunken in scars.
  4. Lip volume.  It’s not what you think.  Lip filler is done in stages so that you can reach your optimal and desired volume from very little change to more dramatic.  You will be astonished at how addicting it is.  Smoother and plumper lips are very popular.
  5. Hands.  The hands over time will deflate and really show the signs of aging.  You can add dermal filler to the hands to make them younger and more attractive.
  6. Chest.  You can add threads of dermal filler to the decolletage area and chest area to smooth out chest lines and to rebuild collagen.
  7. TMJ.  Filler can also be used for TMJ issues because the active ingredient, hyaluronic acid, brings lubrication to the joints.  Less pain and all gain.
  8. Under eye hollowness.  The under eye is prone to deflating and making dark circles and depressions.  By filling in the depression, you can significantly improve this area.  The results can be quite dramatic.

The bottom line with dermal filler is that they are very popular and satisfying without downtime.  They can be done slowly with one area at a time to help you better understand how it works.  Fillers ARE a revolutionary product that has a multitude of fabulous uses.

Charmed Medispa has an expert injector, Loraine Savarese, Aesthetic Nurse Specialist,  who has trained doctors and nurses on the fine art of dermal fillers.  We also offer services like IPL, chemical peels, facials, medical grade skin counseling, laser resurfacing, Exilis Ultra, Sculptra, Botox, Dysport, microdermabrasions and more.  We are conveniently located in Delaware close to Maryland and PA.

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