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Filler Botox Between Brows

Pressing the brows together can eventually cause a crease in the skin.  After years of moving the brows in this fashion, the crease can actually stay and be there when you are not moving.  The crease often makes clients look mad when they are not.  Adding Botox or Dysport is a great option between the brows, but sometimes a little filler is also a must to maximize your results and satisfaction.

Keeping in mind that Botox and Dysport actually just relax the muscle for a short time (about 4 months).  Filler can be applied to a deeper creases to the forehead and between the brows to give you a longer, smoother and more satisfying result.

At times, we have had clients have Botox somewhere else other than Charmed Medispa between the brows and state that they were not happy with the results.  Why?  Because the crease or deep line was still there after treatment.  They thought (or were told) that Botox alone would take away the crease.  This can be easily managed with adding Restylane dermal filler to the crease which will smooth the area and the results of dermal filler between the brows can last one year or several years (actually we have seen it last to the point the client never had filler there again).  Success.  Happy client.  Finally, the deep line is gone and she can forget about it.

Dermal fillers and Botox have been used for decades now and their uses are extensive.  You would be surprised how many different applications they have.  Our provider, Loraine Savarese, has been using dermal fillers and Botox since they “were born” and she was a pioneer using them in the tri-state area to train other professionals the fine art of their applications.  We offer comprehensive consultations to review your concerns and make a plan of action you are comfortable with and educated on.  In addition, to dermal fillers, we offer lasers, IPL, microdermabrasions, facials, chemical peels, Exilis Ultra, medical grade skin care, dermaplaning, Sculptra, spider vein removal and more.  Our office is located in Newark, Delaware, close to I95 and Christiana Hospital.

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