Sculptra® Aesthetic

Feel uplifted, tighter and firmer!

Sculptra Aesthetic provides natural, more dramatic results not achievable using just traditional techniques and dermal filler. Sculptra is used in the framework of the face to lift and contour the face. If you have jowls, Sculptra is essential to lift the face to reveal and embellish your natural beauty. Sculptra makes the jaw and chin line tighter and more defined. In addition to tighter, firmer skin, Sculptra can make your skin more radiant and healthy looking because it grows new collagen and strengthens existing collagen.

What is Sculptra? Unlike dermal fillers like Restylane which are made of hyaluronic acid, Sculptra Aesthetic is a poly-L-lactic acide (PLLA) based treatment. The PLLA is injected with a water into the areas of the face that include the cheeks and lower face and sometimes the temples. Once injected, the Sculptra works deep within the skin to stimulate collagen production, restoring tighter, firmer skin.

There is no downtime with Sculptra and a series of treatments are needed. Collagen will continue to get tighter and firmer for months even after your last treatment and the results can last two years or longer.


  • Sculptra Aesthetic provides gradual, natural results with tighter firmer skin from the production of new collagen and the reinforcement of existing collagen.
  • There is no downtime and results can last for two years or longer. Sculptra is essential to lift the lower face and produce a firmer jawline, dramatically improve crepey skin and to improve jowls.

What areas benefit from Sculptra treatments?

The most popular area with the highest satisfaction for Sculptra treatments is the lower face.  Adding Sculptra into the lower face including the cheeks, jaw line and smile lines will lift the skin creating smoother skin and also improving hollow cheek areas. Our guest love the improvement in the jaw line the most and Sculptra helps to define the jaw and chin from the neck area.

Another areas of Sculptra treatment is the temples.  Over time, the temple area can become hollow and scooped out.  When you add Sculptra to this area, the temples lift and can also tighten the corner of the brows and crow’s feet area.

Sculptra can also be used in other areas like the chest and hands. The results of Sculptra in these areas improve crepey skin and make the skin firmer, healthier and glowing. In our experience with Sculptra, we have seen improvement in skin conditions like acne and chronic skin conditions. This is a more off-label benefit but we have seen the beauty of how Sculptra can transform the skin.

Results from Sculpra treatment

We have performed years worth of Sculptra treatments and our med spa has been able to fully evaluate the effectiveness and satisfaction with Sculptra. We are delighted to know that our Sculptra treatments provide high levels of satisfaction! Our guests love that Sculptra does not have any downtime and that Sculptra results are gradual so there nothing obvious about treatment. Our guests report that their skin feels tighter and firmer and that they appreciate a visible lifting from Sculptra. In addition, the results from Sculptra lasts for years! This is a wonderful part of Sculptra. Once our guests complete their series of treatments, they do a booster Sculptra session only once a year to maintain their results.

How long has Sculptra been available?

Sculptra has been around a very long time in the aesthetic industry. You can feel confident that the treatment is tried and true, scientifically proven and effective. In addition, our team at Charmed Medispa has had Sculptra injections for years and their results are impressive.

How is Sculptra different than fillers?

Sculptra is very different than fillers. Sculptra works to build collagen slowly over time. We like you to think about fabric when you think about Sculptra. Sculptra makes fine fabric like silk more durable and thick like canvas. Fillers, in contrast, have immediate results and lift and smooth wrinkles and folds as well as enhance contours like the lips and cheeks. Charmed Medispa often uses a combination of fillers and Sculptra to obtain the highest levels of results. Our injection expert, Loraine Savarese, RN, has extensive experience using Sculptra and is a pioneer in aesthetic medicine. She can review your treatment options and educate you about all your choices for all the resources we offer at Charmed Medispa.

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