Old Versus New Protocols For Anti-Aging

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Anti-aging protocols are ever changing and what is important is to stay on top of the best practices as they evolve.  Our medispa in Delaware is dedicated to sharing these changes in protocols as they occur.  Here are some fun facts that have changed over time.

  1. The philosophy to start anti-aging strategies in your 40’s is null and void.  Forty was the average age of a new client about a decade ago and now we are seeing clients in their 20’s and 30’s who are making the smart decision to get ahead of the aging process sooner rather than later.  This has a tremendous benefit long-term for skin health and to prevent aging.
  2. Scrubbing your skin once a week has been replaced with the rule to scrub every day.  The ZO Skin Health line has two very popular scrubs called Exfoliating Polish and Dual Action Scrub.  Our clients love these scrubs and it makes the skin very silky and smooth and stimulates revived skin.
  3. Skin cancer is occurring at earlier ages including the 20’s.  Skin cancer is no longer something you should think about in your 50’s and over.  Sunblock and prevention is key.
  4. The type of filler used should be based on where you have concerns.  Not all fillers are identical nor does every filler behave the same way.  It is essential that you get the right filler in the right place.  For instance, Juvederm Ultra under the eyes often causes additional swelling.
  5. Botox has some major competition and recently it was proven that Dysport has a higher particle potency than Botox which could make it last longer and have results sooner.
  6. Surgery was the only option for a long time especially to tighten (by removing) skin and for areas like the under eyes.  Now we have a magnitude of treatment options like filler under the eyes, skin tightening with Exilis Ultra, Infini microneedling and Sculptra as well as impressive chemical peels to remove wrinkles and sun damage. Surgery is an option but by far not the only option.
  7. Oily skin has now been shown to be a sign of unhealthy skin conditions.  Sebum is now being shown to be a major cause of aging.  Oily skin creates inflammatory responses that accelerates aging.  We also interrupt rough skin as dry skin.  Less than 15% of the population has dry skin and yet everyone is in love with moisturizers.  Oily control with lack of moisturizers is key for many to improve the aging process.

Our med spa has solutions and will be here day after day reporting “live” about the modifications in what we should be doing to look our best.  We offer comprehensive consultations to evaluate your concerns and make the best recommendations.  Check out our five star med spa reviews and recommendations as well as our before and after photos


Written by Loraine Savarese, Aesthetic Nurse
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