Less Bruising With Cannula For Filler Treatments

cannula versus needle filler delaware med spa

Bruising.  Bruising.  Bruising.  We hear it all day, every day for the last two decades.  Will I bruise?  How long will I bruise?  Do you think anyone will see my bruise?  Can I cover the bruise?  We have great news for all your bruise fears.  Many of the filler treatment areas can minimize bruising by using a cannula.  Less bruising makes scheduling dermal filler treatments easier to figure out.

What exactly is a cannula?  A cannula is a blunt tip flexible needle meaning that it is not sharp and it can bend easily.  In addition, a cannula is much longer than a traditional needle  which means that it can reach more surface area with one “stick”.  Usually only one insertion site is needed per area of treatment.  So you have less insertion sites or “sticks” and hence, less bruising.  Also, cannulas can go around blood vessels versus piercing the blood vessels like needles can which again causes less bruising.  Less bruising (usually a lot less) means that you might consider having a treatment that you would have postponed or not had done.

There are many reports that cannulas can be safer since they go around blood vessels and that decreases the incidence of a blood vessel getting a clot that would stop blood flow which is a complication of any filler treatment (very rare).  Now when we do most tear trough injections with Restylane, you can have much less bruising.  Tear troughs are the depression under the eyes that make the eyes appear sunken in and dark. The results of tear trough filler placement can be dramatic and long-lasting.

There are certain areas that a traditional needle is more appropriate.  At Charmed Medispa, we use both traditional needles and cannulas and the decision is based on the area of treatment.  Our provider, Loraine Savarese, RN, has been injecting dermal fillers since 2003 when fillers were first introduced on the market.  She will be able to review the treatment with you and provide the comfort and care you are looking for.

In addition to Botox and fillers, we offer a full laser and skin care center that provides microdermabrasions, laser resurfacing, Infini microneedling and more.  Our med spa in Delaware has a full spectrum of treatment options with Delaware’s most experienced med spa providers.  Start with a consultation and learn about the healthy options we offer to address your anti-aging concerns.

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