Keeping It Tight

tighter firmer skin collagen builder delaware

Tight.  Everyone wants their body and face “tight”.  Firmer.  Lifted.  Tighter.  Thankfully, there are options to tighten any area of the body and face without having surgery.  Let us break it down for you.

Medical Grade Skin Care:  A MUST.  Why?  Because this is your daily infusion of what makes skin tighter and healthier as well as what keep skin tighter and healthier.  You have to maximize your “tightening products” and we have lots of skin care product options designed for your specific skin type.  Daily cellular healthy equals tighter.

Sculptra:  This treatment is basically water infused with molecules that stimulate collagen to make you tighter.  Sculptra can be done on the lower face, temple area, chest area, hands and even buttock region.  Sculptra has been around for a long time and it is a gradual tightening and can last for years.  Sculptra is a super star at Charmed Medispa.

Technology:  You can use Exilis Ultra which has a combination of radiofrequency and ultrasound to create stimulate and excitement in your collagen.  Exilis Ultra is very popular because it also feels amazing being done (no needles, no downtime).  Clients love the results of Exilis Ultra.  In addition to Exilis Ultra, we have lasers that stimulate and restore collagen.  Technology is always advancing and Charmed Medispa only has the best technology and the best providers of technology.  You have to know what you’re doing.  A machine doesn’t run itself.

Fillers:  Did you know fillers stimulate collagen?  Absolutely.  Injections are an immediate way to lift, contour and smooth the skin and they also work magic on collagen to enhance collagen and get your collagen working for you.  Charmed Medispa is a center of excellence for injectables and our results speak for themselves.

Tight.  Firm.  Revived.  We have it all waiting for you to be educated on your choices.  Charmed Medispa is located in Delaware and our goals are to enhance your features and provide safe and natural looking results.  We offer complimentary consults to get  you started on your journey of success.

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